Sunday, July 21, 2013

The One Minute Manager

By: Kenneth Blanchard, Ph.D
Spencer Johnson,M.D.

"Effective managers, manage themselves and the people they work with so that both the organization and the people profit from their presence."

"People who feel good about themselves produce good results."

"Productivity is more than just the quantity of work done. It is also the quality."

"Quality is simply giving people the product or service they really want and need."

"Productivity is both quantity and quality."

" A problem only exists if there is a difference between what is actually happening and what you desire to be happening."

"Help People reach their full potential. Catch them doing something right."

"The more consistently successful your people are, the higher you rise in the organization."

"The best minute i spend is the one i invest in people."

"If people get results, then it certainly makes good sense to invest in people."

"Feedback is the breakfast of champions"

"Everyone is a potential winner. Some people are disguised as losers, Don't let their appearances fool you."

"First you can hire winners. They are hard to find and they cost money. Or second if you can't find a winner, you can hire someone with the potential to be a winner. Then you systematically train that person to become a winner. If you are not willing to do either of the first two..., then  there is only the third choice left - prayer."

"Take a minute. Look at your goals. Look at your performance. See if your behavior matches your goals."

"People are more complicated. They are aware, they think for themselves and they certainly don't want to be manipulated by another person. Remember that and respect that. It is a key to good management."

"So the key to training someone to do a new task is, in the beginning, to catch them doing something approximately right until they can eventually learn to do it exactly right."

"With a winner you don't have to catch them doing things right very often, because good performers catch themselves doing things right and are able to be self reinforcing."

"Before giving a reprimand you have to see the behavior yourself - you can't depend on what someone else saw. You never give a reprimand based on hearsay."

"Telling people what they did wrong; telling people how you feel about it; and reminding people that they are valuable and worthwhile - lead to significant improvement's in people's behavior."

"People need to be in contact with people who care about them - to be accepted as valuable just because they are people."

"It is very important when you are managing people to remember that behavior and worth are not the same things. What is really worthwhile is the person managing their own behavior. This is as true of each of us managers as it is each of the people we are managing."

"We are not just our behavior. We are the person managing our behavior."

"Touch is very honest. People know immediately when you touch them whether you care about them, or whether you are just trying to find a new way to manipulate them."

"When you touch, don't take. Touch the people you manage only when you are giving them something - reassurance, support, encouragement, whatever."

"There are things that work, and things that don't work. Being honest with people eventually works. On the other hand, being dishonest eventually leads to failing with people."

"You have to care enough to be tough."

"Goal begin behaviors. Consequences maintain behaviors."

"Nobody ever really works for anybody else. I just help people work better and in the process they benefit our organization."

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